The SDGs place people first and promotes an agenda that envisions a world where no one is left behind. This means that human rights must be respected, gender inequalities need to be tackled head on and the current societal structures that constrain people from living a self-determined life must be transformed. To reflect this, WBA will assess the 2,000 most influential companies against a common set of core social expectations. They will act as responsible business conduct ‘hurdles’ which companies must clear to be given credit for their contribution to the SDGs.   

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WBA’s proposed approach to the scope for social transformation is through three assessments: core social assessment, a transformation-specific one, and spotlight social assessments.

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The methodology for social transformation outlines the draft indicators that will be used to assess the 2,000 most influential companies globally on 15 core social topics. These include living wages, corporate taxation, lobbying, core labour standards and respect for human rights.  

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  1. Scoping report

    April 2020

  2. Methodology report

    June 2020

  3. Consultation of methodology

    June - September 2020

  4. Data collection, verification and analysis


Spotlight benchmarks

Gender Benchmark

The Gender Benchmark assesses and compares how companies are driving and promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment across their entire value chain.

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Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

The benchmark assesses the human rights policies, processes and practices of some of the largest publicly traded companies across agricultural products, extractives, apparel and ICT manufacturing.

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As we build our work, we continue to engage with stakeholders across the globe through targeted communications with key organisations and representatives. Get in touch to know more.

Dan Neale

Lead Social Transformation

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