The insights we have gained across climate, nature, finance, human rights and other key areas indicate that urgent action is needed if we are to meet the global goals and targets. Stakeholder engagement is a key driver of change.

WBA methodologies and benchmarks help to close the information gap and help stakeholders, such as companies, investors, banks, governments, multilaterals, civil society and media make more informed decisions. They can be used to enable and facilitate ways to encourage change or compel companies to improve performance on key sustainability topics.

On this page you can find how we work together with different stakeholders and why this work is crucial for our mission to build a movement to drive corporate accountability.

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Ensuring that our benchmark insights remain relevant – whether for global fora like COP27 or COP15, or the UN General Assembly – sits at the heart of WBA’s engagement and policy strategy.

Pauliina Murphy Engagement & Communications Director

Collective Impact Coalitions

To invoke the systemic transformation needed to achieve the SDGs, a wide variety of actors must work together across scales, in diverse contexts, and over time. To drive cross-sector, collaborative action based on data and evidence provided by WBA benchmarks, we established Collective Impact Coalitions (CICs). These CICs, comprised of WBA Allies, aim to collectively hold companies to account and bring about change. Their key functions are to:

  • Prioritise: Identify key issues based on WBA research and engagement.
  • Mobilise: Convene Allies, set ambition, determine roles and responsibilities.
  • Execute: Take action, partner with leaders, hold laggards to account.

WBA’s multi-stakeholder approach enriches our ability to promote ethical AI. We are grateful to have witnessed an openness to engagement among companies on this critical topic since we launched this CIC initiative in mid-2022.

Lauren Compere Managing Director/Head of Stewardship & Engagement, Boston Common Management

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