Funding partners

The World Benchmarking Alliance is funded by:

“More and more people are recognizing that businesses need to be a force for good in the world. In giving ordinary people the information they need to hold companies to account, the World Benchmarking Alliance will fundamentally challenge businesses to up their game on the contribution they are making to the Global Goals.”

– Penny Mordaunt (International Development Secretary of the United Kingdom)

“The World Benchmarking Alliance is an ambitious and necessary initiative to unleash the power of business and private finance for the Sustainable Development Goals. With the benchmarks, companies will know what we as a society expect from them on the sustainability agenda. This will take us one step closer to the vision and ambition to create the world we want embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals.”

– Ulla Tørnæs (Minister for Development Cooperation, Denmark)

“The world has united on an agenda for tackling the greatest global challenges and produced a framework for action: the SDGs. Achieving the SDGs is a collective effort. Benchmarks give us valuable insights and identify areas for improvement. Measuring helps us raise standards together.”

– Sigrid Kaag (Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, The Netherlands)

“Our idea is simple. We turn the SDGs
into a corporate competitive sport. We draw up transparent data on performance and impact towards meeting the SDGs, and we rank companies according to how well they are doing. This will motivate a race to the top, which is what the proposed World Benchmarking Alliance is all about.”

– Mark Wilson (CEO Aviva)