1. Founding partners

    2015 - 2017

Aviva, Index Initiative, the UN Foundation and the Business and Sustainable Development Commission were brought together by a common belief that the private sector can strongly contribute to, as well as benefit from, the global ambition of the SDGs and that corporate performance benchmarks are powerful levers for change. Each saw that SDG-centred benchmarks were a missing piece of the puzzle, and WBA represented an opportunity that could not be missed to fill that gap.

  1. Consultation phase

    2017 - 2018

In September 2017, WBA’s consultation phase was launched on the margins of the 72nd UN General Assembly. This phase consisted of a series of roundtable discussions across the world and three online surveys to gather insights from the general public, professionals and key opinion leaders and influencers in the sustainability field.

During the consultation phase, we examined the potential for WBA benchmarks and the Alliance to drive change.

Read more about the insights gained in our consultation phase
  1. Launch of the World Benchmarking Alliance

    September 2018

Launch event during the 73rd United Nations General Assembly

We defined our vision, institutional structure and priorities in terms of focus industries and SDGs.

See the press release
  1. The seven systems transformations

    July 2019

new WBA system wheel 2021

The 2030 Agenda requires that we challenge our current thinking and no longer act in silos. We need to place a strong emphasis on transforming those systems which have the greatest potential to drive economic, environmental and social progress and achieve the SDGs.

WBA has identified seven systems transformations we believe are vital to put our society, planet and economy on a more sustainable and resilient path to accomplish the 2030 Agenda.

Read our report on the seven systems transformations
  1. First WBA benchmark launch

    October 2019

The Seafood Stewardship Index was the first benchmark to be published having travelled the long journey from an Index Initiative concept to a fully-fledged ranking of 30 seafood companies across the world. It was launched at the Our Ocean’s Conference in Oslo where industry leaders, civil society and government all joined forces to discuss and exchange ideas on how to save our oceans.

See the Seafood Stewardship Index
  1. Launch of the SDG2000

    January 2020

The 2,000 most influential companies

WBA announced the SDG2000, a list of the companies that have the most influence over our ability to move to a more sustainable future. It is part of WBA’s mission to measure the private sector’s impact and efforts in sustainability with one global accountability mechanism.

Check out the SDG2000
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