Three billion people rely on seafood as an essential part of their diet. Providing this nutritious food presents serious challenges for the seafood industry. The largest companies can address these issues. Including food insecurity in developing countries, human rights violations and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing worldwide.

Included in the benchmark are the 30 most influential companies in the seafood industry. Their significant influence on the world’s fishing business means that they can accelerate positive change. These 30 companies set the standard for others in the industry, due to their size, influence and reach.

2023 Seafood Stewardship Index

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The methodology consists of the benchmark’s scope and five measurement areas, which include a number of themes and indicators through which the selected companies are assessed. These indicators serve as the methodology’s foundation and were developed through research and multi-stakeholder dialogue. Moreover, to build on and add value to the existing landscape and deliver results that are relevant and impactful, the methodology relies on the best available science, aligns with relevant principles, normative standards and reporting frameworks, and builds on existing sector-, product- and issue-specific initiatives.

Methodology report


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  1. First benchmark publication

    October 2019

  2. Methodology review

    December 2020

  3. Methodology report

    March 2021

  4. Benchmark publication at Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit

    October 2021

  5. Third benchmark publication

    October 2023

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Helen Packer

Seafood Stewardship Index Lead

The Seafood Stewardship Index is part of WBA's effort to transform the food and agriculture system

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