The Access to Seeds Index evaluates and compares seed companies according to their efforts to improve access to quality seeds of improved varieties for smallholder farmers. The Index seeks primarily to identify leadership and good practices, providing an evidence base for the discussion on where and how the seed industry can step up its efforts.

Private sector engagement is at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. By creating a better understanding of the seed industry’s performance, the Index aims to contribute to the achievement of these goals.

Hunger is a daily reality for almost one billion people around the world. The global population is expected to grow by a further two billion in the coming decades, precisely in those regions that are currently considered food insecure. Improving access to seeds for farmers in those regions is key to meeting future food demands. This is where the seed industry can play a crucial role.


  1. Publication- Global

    January 2019

  2. Publication - Eastern and Southern Africa

    February 2019

  3. Publication - Western and Central Africa

    April 2019

  4. Regional landscaping report

    November 2020

  5. Draft methodology for consultation

    December 2020

  6. Regional landscaping reports

    February 2021

  7. Methodology

    February 2021

Two indexes have been published so far with high and increasing participation by companies, significant media attention globally and a growing stakeholder group.

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Based on how important stakeholders – farmers, governments, scientists, NGOs and the industry itself – view the role and responsibility of the seed industry, a methodology was developed with clearly defined criteria. After publication of each Index the methodology is reviewed and updated. Using this iterative approach, the Index aims to monitor progress over time.

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As we build our work, we continue to engage with stakeholders across the globe through targeted communications with key organisations and representatives. We also encourage meaningful and constructive feedback.

Alice Ingabire

Lead Access to Seeds Index

The Access to Seeds Index is part of WBA's effort to transform the food and agriculture system.

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