Our mission is to build a movement to measure and incentivise business impact towards a sustainable future that works for everyone.

We envision a society that values the success of business by what it contributes to the world.

The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) was launched in 2018 because we believed that there needs to be real change in the way that business impact is measured to boost motivation and stimulate action for a sustainable future for everyone.

WBA identified seven transformations that need to take place to put society and the worldwide economy on a more sustainable path to achieve the SDGs. To turn these transformations into action, WBA develops in close collaboration with the Alliance a series of benchmarks assessing 2,000 of the world’s most influential companies, ranking and measuring them on their contributions to the SDGs.

WBA's benchmarking journey to create a better world together

This information will be freely available to everyone. Investors, governments, civil society, individuals and the companies themselves will be empowered. Investors can influence the companies they invest in. Governments can develop better policies and civil society can direct public support and partnership efforts. Individuals can decide where to spend their money and where they choose to work.

These benchmarks will reveal both to companies and stakeholders where each company stands compared to its peers, where it can improve and where urgent action is needed to deliver on the SDGs. To turn business into a force for good. Ranking and measuring the companies will give them the guidance to drive change and create accountability for those who don’t change.

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