Cities are bustling with creativity, but also fraught with social problems. Inequality is rife. Many inhabitants lack access to basic needs such as affordable housing, safe drinking water, sanitation, transportation, and clean air; not to mention a way to make a living. And by 2030, 70% of us will live in them.

We cannot make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable (Sustainable Development Goal 11) without action by businesses.

Our Urban Benchmark will translate the Sustainable Development Goals and The New Urban Agenda into a roadmap for companies, outlining the clear commitments and actions that companies must make to help transform our urban system. Every other year it will assess and rank the ones best positioned to have the biggest impact on cities – and the people that live in them – globally. Over time, the benchmark will provide all stakeholders with a mechanism for holding these companies accountable for their progress.

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  1. Consultation on draft Methodology

    January - March 2023

  2. Methodology published

    April 2023

  3. First benchmark publication

    Q2 2024

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