2023 Seafood Stewardship Index Insights Report


The third iteration of the Seafood Stewardship Index ranks the sustainability performance of the world’s 30 most influential companies in the seafood industry, representing about a quarter of the world’s global seafood industry revenue.

This insights report provides an in-depth analysis of how these 30 most influential companies in the seafood sector are contributing to an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible seafood sector, based on the 2023 Seafood Stewardship Index assessment.

Overall, the results show that:

  • Almost all companies disclose some activities and efforts towards environmentally sustainable and/or socially responsible seafood (e.g., certification, policies, engagement activities).
  • We’ve also seen some improvements in terms of engagement with environmental sustainability programmes such as certification, ratings and improvement projects as well as engagement in pre-competitive collaboration (e.g., SeaBOS, ISSF, GSSI, GTA).
  • We are seeing painstakingly slow progress on the IUU and human rights front. Compared to 2021, only 5 additional companies (compared to 2 in 2021) have started to implement some of the steps of human rights due diligence.
  • Most companies do not disclose SMART (Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Relevant, Time-bound) targets. For companies that do have targets, these usually only address part of their portfolio (e.g., a specific species), and it is not clear how this prioritisation is made.

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