The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) works with asset managers, asset owners and key actors across the investment industry to accelerate corporate accountability and sustainable systems transformations. By using our open-source data, insights, and expertise to conduct investment analysis and individual stewardship activities, investors can confidently challenge companies on the speed of progress and the decisions taken in relation to global sustainability goals.

We work together with investors in the following ways:

  • To build collective investor and multi-stakeholder action. These actions include WBA-led company engagement activities, such as issuing statements, sending letters and targeted company meetings.
  • To input data and insights as well as share methodologies and expertise with initiatives led by other investor-linked organisations.
  • To work on market shaping, signalling and knowledge sharing activities, such as providing input into any methodology developments, contribution to or attendance at WBA events and roundtables as well as providing input into WBA publications.

Investors who believe in the power of benchmarks and cross-sector partnerships to drive systemic progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can join our multi-stakeholder alliance.

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You can reach out to us if you would like to find out more about our engagement with investors or want to join the Alliance.

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