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2023 SDG2000 data set

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WBA identified the 2,000 keystone companies within seven transformations and relevant industries. Looking at five keystone principles to develop a list that goes beyond just size, by also looking at impact and influence.

We have now made the same list available to download in excel format including all ISIN codes and the Alliance crosscheck.

What’s in the SDG2000 downloadable list?

There are three tabs in the excel spreadsheet. The first tab includes more details about the SDG2000 list, and we strongly recommend to read before using it.

The tab named “1. SDG2000” is the full list of SDG2000 companies with the related details. The last tab “2. SDG2000 Alliance Crosscheck” builds on the first tab by adding full information on our ‘SDG2000 and Alliance crosscheck’ exercise that shows which SDG2000 companies are part of which Allies’ ecosystems.

Please note that this spreadsheet gets updated on a regular basis. We therefore recommend downloading a fresh list whenever you want to use the list.

For any other questions, we recommend reading the SDG2000 FAQ

Download excel
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