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The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) strive to put our society, planet and economy on a more sustainable path by 2030. However, development can only be sustainable if it is equitable, and the private sector plays a key role in this.

Whilst it is true that business has been a catalyst for human development, our current capitalist models are leaving far too many people behind. The focus on creating shareholder value is deepening inequalities and hindering the achievement of universal human development. If companies are going to support the SDGs, they must also embed a central principle of the SDGs; to leave no one behind.

Our Social Transformation Framework explains how we will assess and incentivise the 2,000 most influential companies to support the social transformation. It sets out expectations that companies should meet in order to leave no one behind, support the SDGs and help create a future that works for everyone. These 12 key expectations are grouped into three categories: human rights, decent work and ethical conduct:

Additionally, the framework sets the workstreams we will implement in order to incentivize companies to move towards meeting these expectations:

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A special thank you to Caux Round Table Japan for the Japanese translation of the framework.

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