Measuring company impacts on small-scale producers in Thailand

The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) is embarking on a project to better understand how large food and agriculture companies impact the lives of small-scale producers and how we can make our work more useful and relevant for these producers. Partnering with the University of Notre Dame, five students will conduct a two-month fieldwork in Thailand focusing on the sugarcane industry. Outcomes of this research will be used to develop a better understanding on how large corporations impact livelihoods of farmers and how WBA can engage small-scale producers in the further development of our Food and Agriculture Benchmark.

How can you support this project?

WBA is looking to collaborate closely with Allies active in Thailand to support the research to

  • develop a stronger understanding of the food and agriculture ecosystem in Thailand
  • build relationships with small-scale producers and farmer organisations and
  • build relationships with (local/regional) civil society organisations that are committed to improving the lives of small-scale producers.

Together we can contribute to better measuring company impacts on small-scale producers, advance critical conversations about the role of large food and agriculture companies and their role in improving the lives of farmers and share knowledge on this through thought leadership (e.g. via events, workshops, joint publications)

Interested in being involved?

Get in touch with Juanita Barreto, Impact Researcher, World Benchmarking Alliance at


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