Colette Solomon

Director, Women on Farms Project

Colette is the Director of Women on Farms Project, a non-profit organisation assisting and fostering the agency of women farmworkers and farm dwellers in the Western Cape and Northern Cape.

Colette is a passionate feminist whose activism on gender justice dates back to her student years at the University of the Western Cape in the 1980s, while her academic and professional work has always addressed the interplay of race, class, power and gender dynamics. Since joining Women on Farms Project in 2006, she has supported women farm workers’ empowerment, activism and organising to claim and realise their right to decent work, land access and dignified lives. Colette holds a PhD from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (UK). Before Women on Farms Project, Colette undertook policy research in Namibia, Malawi, Ethiopia and Ghana, specifically focusing on the gendered implications and impacts of development interventions.

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