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Eletrobras is a publicly listed company headquartered in Brazil. In 2020, its revenue was USD6.0 billion and installed capacity was 51 Gigawatts (GW). Eletrobras still needs to develop meaningful plans to exit fossil fuel generation and invest in variable renewables to complement its portfolio of large hydro plants.

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#13 /50
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51.2 /100
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11.5 /20
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#1 1.2 /4 #30

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#1 6.1 /7 #4

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#1 0.6 /2 #6


#1 1.3 /4 #33

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#1 0.4 /1 #28

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#1 2.0 /2 #1
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Eletrobras receives a trend score of -. If the company were reassessed in the near future, its score would likely decrease. Eletrobras is better positioned to improve its score than almost any other company but lacks the management and targets to guarantee this improvement. Without a plan to transition its remaining fossil fuel capacity or targets to drive down its remaining emissions, it is likely that its small amount of coal, gas and oil will continue to undermine its ability to achieve total decarbonisation.

Progress towards the Paris Agreement

Just Transition Assessment

In this report, we present five key thematic findings showing how 180 companies can increase their ambition towards a transition to a low-carbon future that is just and equitable for the people and communities at risk of being affected by it.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Group revenue (2020)
USD 6.0 billion
Publicly listed
Installed capacity (2020)
50.6 GW

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