2021 Just Transition Assessment

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The World Benchmarking Alliance’s pilot Just Transition Assessment covers 180 companies across three sectors: 100 oil and gas companies, 50 electric utilities and 30 automotive manufacturers. These assessments look at the social elements of the companies’ transition to a low-carbon future. They are based on the companies’ publicly available disclosures, which are assessed against our core social indicators and our new just transition indicators.

Key findings

In this report, we present five key thematic findings showing how these 180 companies can increase their ambition and action towards a transition to a low-carbon future that is just and equitable for the people and communities at risk of being negatively affected by it. We also present a deep dive into the findings by sector, with case studies and good practice examples that highlight areas where companies are stepping up and how their peers can follow. As this is a set of pilot assessments, rather than a ranking, we present the companies’ results in tables in the annexes to this report and in an online data file that is free and publicly available.

1. The vast majority of high-emitting companies are failing to demonstrate efforts towards a just transition

2. People most at risk are being left out of decisions that affect their future

3. Companies must commit to reskilling workers or risk a stranded workforce

4. Businesses are still not using their influence to protect people, manage social impacts and advocate for a just transition

5. A just transition needs to be underpinned by companies' respect for human rights

Where to from here?

From 2022 the World Benchmarking Alliance will integrate the Just Transition Assessment into the Climate and Energy Benchmark.

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The results of all companies per indicator element are publicly available and downloadable in excel sheet format.

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