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SAIC Motor (上海汽车集团股份有限公司|上汽集团)

Known for Maxus, Roewe, MG Motor

SAIC Motor (SAIC) is an auto manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is publicly listed with the majority of shares owned by the government of China. In 2019 it had US$122.1 billion in revenue and sales of over 6 million vehicles. Nearly all of SAIC’s sales occur in China, though the company does sell very small volumes in South and South East Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Assessment Note

SAIC received a full ACT assessment in 2019.

Performance module name Performance module score Rank (0-30)


0.0 /3 #19

Material Investment

0.0 /0.4 #12

Intangible Investment

2.4 /2.4 #1

Sold product performance

5.2 /7 #7


0.4 /2.2 #18


0.0 /1.2 #23


0.3 /0.8 #14

Policy Engagement

0.7 /1.2 #5

Business Model

0.9 /1.8 #3

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Despite the improvements mentioned, SAIC’s climate governance continues to show an absence of transparency and commitment. An integrated low-carbon transition plan that is publicly available and with clear scope for the entire group is still absent. SAIC has stated its intention to reduce emissions per vehicle produced, however no quantified measurement or timeline is given for this. Moreover, the company has not set any targets to increase the sales of low-carbon vehicles.

SAIC has begun to engage its employees on low-carbon management issues, but this is not a financially incentivised activity. Expanding engagement on low-carbon issues to cover its suppliers would demonstrate SAIC’S commitment to cascading change throughout the value change and reducing the overall emissions footprint of the vehicles it produces.

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More about the company

Ownership structure
Publicly listed with majority owned by the Chinese government
Revenue (2019)
US$122.1 billion
Number of vehicles sold (2019)