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This measurement area looks at how companies in the seafood industry consider the local communities in the areas where they operate and ensure that their operations are respecting the rights and benefiting the livelihoods of people living in the surrounding areas.

Thai Union Group ranks first in the benchmark’s measurement area for local communities, followed by Nueva Pescanova, Mowi, Nutreco (Skretting) and Mitsubishi Corporation. Thai Union Group, Nueva Pescanova and Nutreco (Skretting) demonstrate leading capacity building activities and seek to measure their impact on local communities as well as track progress. While most companies in the benchmark lack a commitment to respecting customary rights of local communities, Mitsubishi Corporation sets an example by complying with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Furthermore, although a majority of companies acknowledge the role of local communities, fewer companies disclose relevant information regarding how the rights of people living in surrounding areas are systematically taken into account and how these people could benefit from the company’s business activities. Moreover, commitments to adding value to the local communities are limited, with only a few companies demonstrating how local employees and/or businesses are involved in their operations.

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