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Parlevliet & Van der Plas

The Parlevliet & Van der Plas Group (Parlevliet & Van der Plas) was founded in 1950. The family-run business , headquartered in the Netherlands, is now a vertically integrated seafood company that operates around the world. The group has four main operation divisions: pelagic fishing, tuna and demersal fishing, and fish and shrimp processing. Its most prominent subsidiaries include Deutsche See, Heiploeg Group, German Seafrozen and Ouwehand Visverwerking.

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1.72 /5
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Governance and management of stewardship practices

2.17 #13

Stewardship of the supply chain

1.65 #15


2.26 #5

Human rights and working conditions

1.19 #8

Local communities

0.85 #8
Indicator categories Score (0-5)
Commitment 1.67
Performance 2.16
Transparency 1.04

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Risks and opportunities

More about the company

Valkenburg (Katwijk), The Netherlands
Ownership structure
Group revenue (2018)
EUR 1,230,000,000
Seafood revenue (2018)
EUR 1,230,000,000
Top 5 species (by volume)
Blue whiting, herring, tuna, mackerel, shrimp


  • Title: German Seafrozen
    Place: Germany
    Description: Trading
  • Title: Ouwehand Visverwerking
    Place: The Netherlands
    Description: Processing/trading
  • Title: Heiploeg Group
    Place: The Netherlands
    Description: Prcoessing/trading
  • Title: Euro-Baltic Fisch Verarbeitungs GmbH
    Place: Germany
    Description: Processing/trading
  • Title: Doggerbank Seefischerei
    Place: Germany
    Description: Fishing
  • Title: CFTO
    Place: France
    Description: Fishing
  • Title: PP Faroe Pelagic
    Place: Faroe Islands
    Description: Processing/trading
  • Title: Atlantic Highsea Fishing Company
    Place: Lithuania
    Description: Fishing
  • Title: Fladen Gronden BV/Vikingbank BV
    Place: The Netherlands
    Description: Fishing
  • Title: Deutsche See
    Place: Germany
    Description: Processing/trading