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Cooke is a privately-owned Canadian company active in fish farming, wild-caught fishing and aquaculture feed production. Salmon-farming is at the core of its business, though Cooke is also involved in fishing, trading and processing activities. The company has a network of subsidiaries and offices across North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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Governance and management of stewardship practices

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Human rights and working conditions

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Local communities

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Commitment 0.30
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Blacks Harbour, Canada
Ownership structure


  • Title: Cooke Aquaculture Inc.
    Place: Black Harbour, New Brunswick, Canada
    Description: Fish farming, processing
  • Title: Cooke Inc.
    Place: Saint John, New Brunswich, Canada
    Description: Global headquarters
  • Title: Cooke Aquaculture USA and Cooke Aquaculture Pacific
    Place: USA
    Description: Fish farming, processing
  • Title: Cooke Aquaculture Scotland
    Place: United Kingdom
    Description: Fish farming
  • Title: Cooke Aquaculture Chile
    Place: Chile
    Description: Fish farming, processing
  • Title: Cooke Aquaculture Spain / Grupo Culmarex
    Place: Spain
    Description: Fish farming
  • Title: Seajoy Seafood Corporation
    Place: Honduras and Nicaragua
    Description: Shrimp farming, processing