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Yokohama Reito (Yokorei)

Yokorei is a Japanese company active in importing, processing and distributing seafood products. It is also involved in refrigerated storage. Most of the company’s seafood activities go through its subsidiary Alliance Seafoods. Yokorei has seafood-related subsidiaries in Japan and Norway as well as stakes in shrimp farming and fishmeal production.

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Yokahama, Japan
Ownership structure
Group revenue (2018)
JPY 171,772,000,000
Seafood revenue (2018)
JPY 110,213,000,000


  • Title: Alliance Seafoods
    Place: Japan
    Description: Aquaculture, processing, procurement/trading
  • Title: Clover Trading
    Place: Japan
    Description: Eel trading
  • Title: Fjordlaks Aqua
    Place: Norway
    Description: Trout sourcing, production and trading
  • Title: Hofseth International
    Place: Norway
    Description: Salmon processing
  • Title: Syvde Eiendom
    Place: Norway
    Description: Salmon processing