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Dongwon Group

Dongwon Group is a South Korean conglomerate with around 15,000 employees worldwide across its 17 subsidiaries. Dongwon’s subsidiaries include Dongwon F&B as well as Dongwon Industries, the largest fishing company in South Korea. StarKist, a US-based canned tuna producer, is wholly owned by Dongwon.

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1.17 /5
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Governance and management of stewardship practices

2.37 #11

Stewardship of the supply chain

0.88 #22


1.01 #19

Human rights and working conditions

1.52 #6

Local communities

0.25 #19
Indicator categories Score (0-5)
Commitment 1.43
Performance 1.12
Transparency 1.09

Leading practices

Risks and opportunities

More about the company

Seoul, South Korea
Ownership structure
Unlisted public company
Group revenue (2018)
KRW 5,774,430,000,000
Ownership structure
KRW 622,870,359,575
Top 5 species (by volume)
Skipjack tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Bigeye tuna, Salmon albacore, other tuna


  • Title: StarKist
    Place: Pittsburg, USA
    Description: Tuna fishing
  • Title: Dongwon Group
    Place: Seoul, South Korea
    Description: Headquarters
  • Title: Galapesca S.A.
    Place: Ecuador
    Description: Tuna processing
  • Title: Bounty Seafood Ltd.
    Place: Papua New Guinea
    Description: Tuna processing
  • Title: Société de Conserverie en Afrique S.A.
    Place: Senegal
    Description: Tuna processing
  • Title: Compagnie Africaine de Pêche au Sénégal
    Place: Senegal
    Description: Fishing
  • Title: Kiribati and KT Fisheries Co.,LTD
    Place: Kiribati
    Description: Processing