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Labeyrie Fine Foods

Labeyrie Fine Foods is a French company that has positioned itself on the high-end of the seafood product market. The company is Europe’s second-largest salmon processor and is also active in the processing of shrimp, cod and several other species. Aside from managing a joint venture in trout farming, Aqualande, the company does not possess its own fishing fleet or fish farms. Its most notable subsidiaries are Labeyrie SAS, Delabli SAS, Lyons Seafoods Ltd, and Farne Salmon & Trout, with a total of 4,600 employees for the whole company.

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1.36 /5
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Governance and management of stewardship practices

1.09 #21

Stewardship of the supply chain

1.61 #17


2.44 #4

Human rights and working conditions

0.29 #23

Local communities

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Commitment 1.53
Performance 1.53
Transparency 0.95

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St Geours de Maremne, France
Ownership structure
Group revenue (2018)
EUR 1,060,000,000
Seafood revenue (2018)
EUR 700,000,000
Top 5 species (by volume)
Farmed Atlantic salmon, farmed shrimp (P vannamei), Northern shrimp (p borealis), Wild Alaskan salmon (sockeye), Atlantic cod


  • Title: Labeyrie SAS
    Place: France
    Description: Salmon processing
  • Title: Lyons Seafoods Ltd
    Place: United Kingdom
    Description: Processing (shellfish)
  • Title: Farne Salmon and Trout
    Place: United Kingdom
    Description: Processing (salmon)
  • Title: Delabli SAS
    Place: France
    Description: Processing (shrimp - fish)