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Ampol Limited

Ampol Limited is a publicly listed semi integrated oil and gas company headquartered in Australia. In 2019, it had USD 15.65 billion in revenue and a reported 8,200 employees*. The company owns one of Australia's last two oil refineries. Ampol has only recently changed its approach to initiate a low-carbon transition and has a long way to go to reverse the trends of its inaction over the past years.

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Ampol receives a trend score of +. If the company were reassessed in the near future, its score would likely improve. The company recently announced its first-ever emissions reduction targets, which may drive some improvement in its scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Ampol’s commissioning of a green hydrogen plant at its Lytton refinery and expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure could enhance its business model performance. These trends by no means indicate that Ampol will be aligned with its 1.5°C pathway in the near future, but it is likely to improve relative to its current poor position.

Progress towards the Paris Agreement

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Sydney, Australia
Group revenue
(2019) AUD 22.352 billion (USD 15.65 billion)
Ownership structure
Publicly listed
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Scope of activity
Semi Integrated