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Volkswagen is a publicly listed auto manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. In 2019 it had US$282.7 billion in revenue and sales of over 10 million vehicles. Volkswagen’s two primary sales regions are Europe and China. In China, the company sells vehicles through its joint ventures with SAIC and FAW – two other keystone companies included in this assessment.

Assessment Note

Volkswagen received a full ACT assessment in 2019.

Performance module name Performance module score Rank (0-30)


2.9 /3 #1

Material Investment

0.4 /0.4 #1

Intangible Investment

2.4 /2.4 #1

Sold product performance

3.3 /7 #16


1.8 /2.2 #1


0.6 /1.2 #4


0.6 /0.8 #3

Policy Engagement

0.3 /1.2 #15

Business Model

0.9 /1.8 #3

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VW has an opportunity to leverage its climate governance leadership by improving its policy engagement approach. At present, VW has a process to review the climate positions of trade associations it engages with but lacks an affirmative policy on what action to take if positions diverge from its own. This is concerning given VW engages with some associations, including the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA), that have been seen to oppose pro-climate policies in the past.

Ultimately, VW must start delivering on its low-carbon vehicle share and emissions reduction goals rapidly if it is to get back on track with its well below 2-degree pathway.

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Publicly listed
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US$282.7 billion
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