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Mazda Motor Corporation

Mazda Motor Corporation is a publicly listed auto manufacturer headquartered in Hiroshima Japan. In 2019 it had US$31.6 billion in revenue and sales of over 1.4 million vehicles. Mazda’s sales are evenly split between China, Japan, the US and Europe.

Assessment Note

Mazda Motor Corporation received a full ACT assessment in 2019.

Performance module name Performance module score Rank (0-30)


1.1 /3 #8

Material Investment

0.4 /0.4 #1

Intangible Investment

1.2 /2.4 #10

Sold product performance

1.3 /7 #29


0.6 /2.2 #16


0.3 /1.2 #10


0.0 /0.8 #15

Policy Engagement

0.1 /1.2 #22

Business Model

0.0 /1.8 #27

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The company’s transition alignment on targets has also declined. In the 2019 Automotive Benchmark Mazda’s targets were assessed as fully aligned. A more ambitious pathway was used for this assessment and input data has been revised. Therefore the company’s vehicle in-use emissions intensity reduction targets are no longer assessed as fully aligned. The company’s 2030 and 2050 reduction targets lack a baseline emissions starting intensity value, therefore, performance against them could not be assessed. Mazda should set clear and robust targets.

Overall, Mazda does not appear engaged with the low-carbon transition. Very little evidence was found of transition planning, of support for climate positive policy or of business model shifts towards activities to remain profitable in a low-carbon economy. Without a significant shift towards low-carbon vehicle sales, the company will continue to fall behind on low-carbon transition alignment.

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Publicly listed
Revenue (2019)
US$31.6 billion
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