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Guangzhou Automobile Group (广州汽车集团有限公司|广汽集团)

Known for Trumpchi

Guangzhou Automobile Group is a publicly listed auto manufacturer headquartered in Guangzhou, China. In 2019 it had US$8.6 billion in revenue and sales of over 590,000 vehicles. Its sales are 99.9 percent in China.

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Guangzhou Automobile Group received a full ACT assessment in 2019.

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0.0 /3 #19

Material Investment

0.0 /0.4 #12

Intangible Investment

0.0 /2.4 #23

Sold product performance

6.4 /7 #3


0.1 /2.2 #26


0.0 /1.2 #23


0.6 /0.8 #3

Policy Engagement

0.2 /1.2 #17

Business Model

0.3 /1.8 #13

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GAC has established a detailed supplier management code, which takes environmental and social risks into consideration. In order to strengthen this, it should begin monitoring emissions in its supply chain and could work with suppliers to set emissions reduction targets and develop joint low-carbon research and development (R&D) projects.

Although GAC states that it has invested ¥5.041 billion (US$721 million) into R&D, it has not yet disclosed what proportion of this is dedicated to low-carbon R&D such as research into electric powertrains. By publicly disclosing information on its low-carbon transition plan, low-carbon R&D and setting emissions targets, GAC could demonstrate its intent to be a leader in the low-carbon economy.

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Ownership structure
Publicly listed
Revenue (2019)
US$8.6 billion
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