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Dongfeng Motor Group (东风汽车集团有限公司)

Dongfeng Motor Group is a publicly listed auto manufacturer headquartered in China. In 2019 it had US$14.6 billion in revenue and sales of 3 million vehicles. The vast majority of Dongfeng’s sales are in China. It also sells small numbers of vehicles in South East Asia and South America.

Assessment Note

Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd (a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Group) received a full ACT assessment in 2019.

Performance module name Performance module score Rank (0-30)


0.0 /3 #19

Material Investment

0.0 /0.4 #12

Intangible Investment

0.0 /2.4 #23

Sold product performance

4.6 /7 #8


0.3 /2.2 #21


0.3 /1.2 #10


0.0 /0.8 #15

Policy Engagement

0.6 /1.2 #6

Business Model

0.0 /1.8 #27

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Dongfeng’s sales of battery electric vehicles grew from 760 in 2014 to over 50,000 in 2019. This is a significant growth in absolute terms, however when considered against the proportion of total sales, this equates to just 1.8 percent of 2019 sales. This figure is significantly worse than many of Dongfeng’s peers in China, most of whom have capitalised on government subsidies and the emerging market for new energy vehicles in the region. For example, BYD – first assessed with ACT in 2020 – achieved a low-carbon vehicle share of 48 percent in 2019. Dongfeng should urgently set forward-looking KPIs in a low-carbon transition plan and set emission reduction targets to improve its alignment with a low-carbon future.

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Ownership structure
Publicly listed
Revenue (2019)
US$14.6 billion
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