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Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC) (北京汽车集团有限公司)

Known for Changhe, BBAC

Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC) is a state-owned auto manufacturer headquartered in China, with publicly listed subsidiaries, including BAIC Motor and Beiqi Foton. In 2019 it had US$25.3 billion in revenue and sales of over 1.1 million vehicles. BAIC sells very few light duty vehicles outside of China, which accounts for 99 percent of its sales by volume. Many of BAIC’s sales come from joint ventures with Hyundai and Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz.

Assessment Note

BAIC Motor Corporation (a subsidiary of Beijing Automotive Group) received a full ACT assessment in 2019.

Performance module name Performance module score Rank (0-30)


0.0 /3 #19

Material Investment

0.0 /0.4 #12

Intangible Investment

0.0 /2.4 #23

Sold product performance

5.6 /7 #5


0.2 /2.2 #24


0.0 /1.2 #23


0.0 /0.8 #15

Policy Engagement

0.6 /1.2 #6

Business Model

1.0 /1.8 #2

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However, BAIC performs poorly on several modules due to its lack of transparency. It has not published a substantive low-carbon transition plan or set any emissions reduction targets. BAIC has reported its manufacturing emissions since 2017, but the data is insufficient to provide a meaningful assessment of its historic emissions trend. Although the company states that it completes an environmental performance evaluation of suppliers, no details were found on whether emissions are considered in this or how many suppliers are covered.

Past vehicle emissions performance, and the emissions lock-in – estimated future cumulative in-use emissions from projections of the company’s sales – perform worse in this assessment. This is partly because the well below 2-degree pathway expects more rapid short-term emissions reductions than the 2-degree pathway used for the previous assessment. BAIC should publish a low-carbon transition plan and set emissions reduction targets to improve its alignment with a low-carbon future.

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Ownership structure
State owned
Revenue (2019)
US$25.3 billion
Number of vehicles sold (2019)