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Groupe PSA

Known for Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall

Groupe PSA is a large French auto manufacturer operating globally with sales of nearly 4 million vehicles in 2017. Its market capitalisation was valued at more than US$22 billion in the same year. The group is well known for its diverse range of affordable passenger vehicles, including Peugeot’s 308 hatchback and 3008 SUV and Citroen’s C3 and C4 models.

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13.3 /20
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2.8 /3 #2

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1.2 /2.4 #10

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3.8 /7 #17


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Total score 13.3 /20 #1

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Groupe PSA is awarded a trend score of +. If Groupe PSA were reassessed in the near term, its score would most likely improve. The group’s fleet emissions are steadily decreasing and its targets for continued reductions align with those set for the low-carbon pathway. By contrast, the group continues to rely on its internal combustion engine vehicles for profitability, with a very small share of its sales coming from battery or fuel cell electric vehicles. With new business activities that offer low-carbon solutions for passenger mobility, such as its well-established Free2Move car sharing programme, Groupe PSA is increasingly prepared for a low-carbon economy. The materials consulted suggest Groupe PSA is attempting to drive the change required for the low-carbon transition, rather than simply responding to it.

Progress towards the Paris Agreement

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More about the company

Rueil-Malmaison, France
Ownership structure
Publicly listed
Group revenue (2017)
US $73.5 billion
Number of vehicles sold (2017)
Over 3 million
Market capitalisation (2017)
US $22.5 billion