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Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is a major US-owned auto manufacturer. Though it operates globally, a majority of Ford’s vehicles are sold in the US. It sold more than 5.5 million vehicles and had a market capitalisation of over US$33 billion in 2017.

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#9 /25
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11.3 /20
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2.9 /3 #1

Material Investment

0.4 /0.4 #1

Intangible Investment

2.4 /2.4 #1

Sold product performance

1.7 /7 #25


1.4 /2.2 #3


0.6 /1.2 #3


0.4 /0.8 #10

Policy Engagement

0.9 /1.2 #1

Business Model

0.8 /1.8 #2
Total score 11.3 /20 #9

Leading practices

Risks and opportunities


A trend score of – is awarded to Ford. If the company were reassessed in the near term, its score would most likely worsen. Ford’s use of scenario analysis and stress testing is greater than that of industry peers and it is exploring different passenger modal shifts away from traditional vehicle ownership. Its business model innovations include a range of vehicle-as-a-service and last mile transport solutions. The company has a number of targets aimed at reducing its emissions that are fully or closely aligned with those set for the  low-carbon pathway. However, Ford is not on track to meet its fleet emissions target and its projected share of sales from low-carbon vehicles is also due to be very low. Moreover, the company plans to shift 90 percent of its US-marketed vehicles to high-emitting SUVs, crossover SUVs and pickup trucks.

Progress towards the Paris Agreement

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More about the company

Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Ownership structure
Publicly listed
Group revenue (2017)
US$156.8 billion
Number of vehicles sold (2017)
~5.5 million light duty passenger cars
Market capitalisation (2017)
US$33.5 billion