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YPF is a state-owned company headquartered in Argentina. In 2021 its revenue was USD 13.38 billion. YPF is a fully integrated company, with production, refining and sales operations. It has both conventional fossil fuel operations as well as unconventional operations, such as shale oil and gas production in the Vaca Muerta – one of the world’s largest unconventional gas sources.
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#39 /99
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16.7 /100

9.7 /60
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7.0 /20
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0.0 /20

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1.8 /20
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#1 6.5 /100 #52

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#1 7.1 /100 #46

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#1 0.0 /100 #11

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#1 2.4 /100 #43


#1 35.5 /100 #52

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#1 0.0 /100 #50

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#1 0.0 /100 #45

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#1 32.0 /100 #30

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#1 12.5 /100 #34
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YPF receives a trend score of -. If the company were reassessed in the near future, its score would likely decrease. Both its scope 1 and 2 emissions intensity and its scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions intensity have not decreased since 2018 and are not expected to decrease between 2021 and 2027. While expansion of the renewable energy activities of its subsidiary YPF Luz could stimulate a change of direction in the company’s emissions intensities, its plans to significantly scale up oil and gas production are likely to mitigate any positive changes from its low-carbon business growth and drive YPF further away from its 1.5°C pathway.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fully state-owned
USD 13.4 billion

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