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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Mitsubishi Motor Corporation is a major Japanese automotive company operating globally with sales of over 1 million vehicles in 2017. Its market capitalisation was valued at over US$8 billion in the same year. Mitsubishi is well known for its SUV models, such as the popular Eclipse, as well as the Outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

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#19 /25
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7.0 /20
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0.6 /3 #17

Material Investment

0.1 /0.4 #13

Intangible Investment

0.1 /2.4 #20

Sold product performance

4.5 /7 #12


0.5 /2.2 #15


0.3 /1.2 #8


0.5 /0.8 #9

Policy Engagement

0.4 /1.2 #13

Business Model

0.1 /1.8 #19
Total score 7.0 /20 #19

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No leading practices were identified for this company.

Risks and opportunities


A trend score of – is awarded to Mitsubishi. If Mitsubishi were reassessed in the near term, its score would most likely worsen. The company has not yet established any long-term targets or a low-carbon transition plan. Although Mitsubishi states that it will develop a 2030 environmental vision, the level of robustness and ambition is currently unknown. Furthermore, the company’s conventional internal combustion engine efficiency and growth in share of sales from low-carbon vehicles have stalled in recent years suggesting that Mitsubishi will fall further behind the required action under the low-carbon pathway.

Progress towards the Paris Agreement

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More about the company

Tokyo, Japan
Ownership structure
Publicly listed
Group revenue (2017)
US$236.6 billion
Number of vehicles sold (2017)
~ 1 million
Market capitalisation (2017)
US$8.4 billion