Founding Partners

The founding partners of the consultation phase of the World Benchmarking Alliance are:

“Our idea is simple. We turn the SDGs into a corporate competitive sport. We draw up transparent data on performance and impact towards meeting the SDGs, and we rank companies according to how well they are doing. This will motivate a race to the top, which is what the proposed World Benchmarking Alliance is all about.”

– Mark Wilson (CEO Aviva)

“Businesses today face a simple choice: Embrace sustainable development or risk getting left behind. Benchmarks create a common mechanism for companies to accelerate their sustainability performance and – more importantly – they change the status quo by enabling business, government, and civil society to hold each other accountable in creating a world that is good for business, people, and the planet.”

– Kathy Calvin (President and CEO United Nations Foundation)

“Ranking companies on their actual behavior doesn’t only drive the top of the list to set new boundaries, it also stimulates the companies in the lower regions to adapt their strategy and behavior.”

– Wim Leereveld (Chairman of the Board Index Initiative & Founder Access to Medicine Index)

“We strongly support creation of corporate SDG benchmarks that harmonize and build on existing corporate reporting requirements and frameworks. This would for the first time enable leaders and boards of companies, policymakers, civil society and investors to quickly and easily compare relative performances of companies within a sector, over time, on a range of relevant SDGs. A well-designed benchmarking process allows companies to develop sustainably in line with the SDGs, while setting them on a race to the top.”

– Better Business, Better World


The consultation phase of the World Benchmarking Alliance is supported by: