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2021 Just Transition Assessment: Company engagement process and resources

In 2021, WBA’s just transition assessments will assess 180 of the world’s most influential companies in high-emitting sectors on what they are doing to respect the rights of workers, communities and the most vulnerable as they work towards low-carbon goals. 100 oil and gas, 50 electric utilities and 30 automotive manufacturers will be assessed. Learn more about our 2021 Just Transition Assessment

The just transition assessments consist of 6 just transition indicators and 18 core social indicators as part of WBA’s Social transformation.

The following resources are freely available to all our stakeholders:

  1. Just Transition Methodology
  2. Social Transformation Framework
  3. ACT Methodologies (please note there are separate methodologies for each sector: Oil and Gas, Automotive, and Electric Utilities)
  4. Pre-recorded webinar on WBA’s Climate and Energy Benchmark ACT assessment (click here for Automotive and here for Electric Utilities)
  5. Pre-recorded webinar on WBA’s Just Transition assessments (please go to 01:50 in the recording to learn about an overview of the Climate and Energy Benchmarks and just transition; to 9:20 the methodology and indicators; and go to 19:00 to learn about your company’s engagement and the publication of the results)  

For more details or questions, contact our team: Vicky Sins (for engagement) and Charlotte Hugman (for research).

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