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Digital companies were identified by key stakeholders as among the most influential to achieve the SDG’s. WBA’s corporate benchmarking aims to highlight industries and companies that are currently leading the way in fostering digital inclusion to trigger a race to the top across the digital sector, as well as hold underachieving companies accountable.

The third iteration of the Digital Inclusion Benchmark measured and ranked 200 of the world’s most influential technology companies on their responsibility to advance a more inclusive digital society. This is the first iteration that includes the Core Social Indicators (CSI). More specifically, the benchmark measures what companies are doing to:

  • enhance universal access to digital technologies
  • improve all levels of digital skills
  • foster trustworthy use by mitigating risks and harms
  • innovate openly, inclusively, and ethically.

The Digital Inclusion Benchmark (DIB) is currently conducting a methodology review and would like to invite you to participate. We want to give you an opportunity to participate in this process by sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.

We warmly invite you to participate in the multi-stakeholder consultations. There are two ways you can contribute:

  1. by completing the feedback form
  2. attending one of the virtual sessions.

Background materials include the 2020 Methodology Report and the latest Scoring Guidelines. The 2023 Methodology Review highlights will be posted shortly.

The review sessions will be organised by methodology topic with two sessions taking place across various time zones. We would like to share the following opportunities for you to participate.


Topics to be discussed:

  • Access to digital technologies
  • Digital inclusivity for women and girl/Digital access for diverse users

Access sessions:

  1. Tuesday, 31 October | 09:00–11:00 CET/16:00–18:00 GMT-4 | Register here
  2. Tuesday, 31 October | 17:00–19:00 CET/11:00–13:00 GMT+9 | Register here


Topics to be discussed:

  • Digital skills – basic, intermediate and advanced
  • School connectivity

Skills sessions:

  1. Thursday, 2 November | 09:00–11:00 CET/16:00–18:00 GMT+9 | Register here
  2. Thursday, 2 November | 17:00–19:00 CET/11:00–13:00 GMT-4 | Register here


Topics to be discussed:

  • Accountability for cybersecurity
  • Companies monitoring, remedying and reporting cyber security incidents
  • Companies applying responsible practices for personal data
  • Child online safety


Topics to be discussed:

  • Open innovation
  • Ethical artificial intelligence
  • Sustainable development including innovation to reduce environmental impacts

Use and Innovation sessions:

(Use and Innovation sessions will be combined)

  1. Tuesday, 7 November | 17:00–19:00 CET/11:00–13:00 GMT+9 | Register here
  2. Thursday, 9 November | 09:00–11:00 CET/16:00–18:00 GMT-4 | Register here

For any further questions, all stakeholders and individuals are welcome to email us with “2023 DIB Methodology Review” in the subject line

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