2023 Gender Insights Report

This insights report provides an analysis of:

  • our 2023 Gender Benchmark, which assesses 112 companies from the apparel and food and agriculture sectors on their responsibility to drive and promote gender equality in their entire value chain
  • our assessment of 1,006 companies from 83 countries and 10 sectors on the first steps that they should be taking to address gender inequality.

The report goes into further detail about our key findings. It also provides insights about the results and trends of both the apparel and food and agriculture companies.

The overall picture is dismal: the average score of the 1,006 companies assessed is 17% of the total possible points. The two highest-scoring companies barely make it to the 50% mark and 123 companies score zero across all indicators. Women are too often underrepresented, unheard and unseen in the places they work.

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A special thank you to CRT Japan for translating our insights report into Japanese.

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