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Founded in 1962, BioMar has been fully owned by the industrial conglomerate and investment group Schouw & Co since 2008. It produces aquaculture feed, with divisions that cover various regions of the world. It has a salmon division that covers Norway, Scotland and Chile, a Europe, Middle East and Africa division that focuses on diverse species in Europe and Africa, and an Emerging Markets division that deals with other species in other geographies. In 2022, the company produced 370,352 tonnes of feed for different species. The Seafood Stewardship Index focuses on the performance of BioMar, while the parent company Schouw & Co. has been assessed against the Core Social Indicators. 

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#12 /30
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27.2 /100

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#1 3.8 /15 #12

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#1 11.3 /40 #5
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Aarhus, Denmark
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USD 2,522,740,113
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