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Shanghai Fisheries Group Co., LTD.

Shanghai Fisheries General Corporation (SFGC) is a state-owned company and part of the Bright Food Group, one of China’s largest food conglomerates. SFGC is involved in wild-catch fishing and owns over 80 vessels. It is comprised of different units which in turn also own various subsidiaries. For instance, subsidiary Shanghai Jinyou Deep Sea Fisheries owns Argentina-based shrimp company Altamare, and Shanghai Kaichuang Marine International acquired Spanish tuna canner Conservas Albo in 2016.

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0.06 /5
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Governance and management of stewardship practices

0.10 /5 #28

Stewardship of the supply chain

0.00 /5 #30


0.14 /5 #29

Human rights and working conditions

0.00 /5 #28

Local communities

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Commitment 0.17 /5
Performance 0.05 /5
Transparency 0.00 /5

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Risks and opportunities

Though one of the largest seafood companies operating worldwide, SFGC does not disclose any of the basics of an approach to seafood stewardship. As such, interested stakeholders lack any understanding of the risks that the company is exposed to on social and environmental issues. The company should adopt some basic first steps and define it’s approach to sustainability with some objectives covering the fundamentals such as its impact on ecosystems and management of pertinent human and labour rights issues.  There is no evidence that the group has a responsible approach to managing its supply chains or interacting with local communities where it operates.

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Shanghai, China
Ownership structure
Seafood revenue (2018)
RMB 7,000,000,000