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FCF CO., LTD. is an integrated supplier of pelagic fish, specialising in tuna. While the company does not have a fleet of its own, it has access to a network of 250 associated fishing vessels. FCF CO., LTD. also trades and processes seafood and offers supply chain services, such as cold storage and logistics, as well as other provisions. It has a network of over 30 subsidiaries across all continents, in addition to processing plants in Papua New Guinea and Ghana.

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Governance and management of stewardship practices

2.65 /5 #10

Stewardship of the supply chain

1.73 /5 #12


2.09 /5 #8

Human rights and working conditions

0.46 /5 #20

Local communities

0.70 /5 #12
Indicator categories Score (0-5)
Commitment 1.82 /5
Performance 1.69 /5
Transparency 1.07 /5

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  1. 2021

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Kaohsiung / Taiwan ROC
Ownership structure
Group revenue (2018)
USD 1,300,000,000
Top 5 species (by volume)
Skipjack tuna, Albacore tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Saury, Squid