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FMC is an American chemical company, initially founded in 1883 in California to produce pumps for insecticide spraying. During the 20th century, FMC was involved in various machinery industries. In 2017, FMC acquired a large part of DuPont's crop protection activities. It is now an agricultural company producing crop protection chemicals, particularly pesticides.

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#115 /350
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25.8 /100
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Governance and strategy

#1 42.0 /100 #120


#1 37.7 /100 #62


#1 8.3 /100 #173

Social inclusion

#1 26.0 /100 #107
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Agricultural inputs #22

Segment ranking summary

FMC ranks 22nd among its agricultural inputs segment peers. Its strongest performance among its peers is in the environment measurement area thanks to its efforts in optimising fertiliser and pesticide use. FMC’s second strongest performance is in social inclusion, thanks to its support for farmer productivity. Its performance in governance and strategy follows, with all indicators earning points but all falling short of expectations. Finally, FMC lags behind its peers on nutrition because the company does not have specific food security objectives, targets or projects in place.

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  1. 2023

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
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