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This module measures whether the company has put in active efforts to promote the sales of more efficient vehicles as opposed to less efficient ones, in order to influence their customers and direct a culture change away from high-emitting vehicles.

Tesla and BMW top this module ranking, closely followed by Groupe PSA. As a manufacturer of exclusively electric vehicles, Tesla is a disruptor and has played a role in shaping the market. The company has actively engaged consumers by increasing the number of showrooms to promote its fully electric fleet and creating unique customer experiences. BMW is changing consumer preference through global promotion of all its low-carbon vehicles, with an ambitious sales target. Similarly, Groupe PSA is actively promoting its low-carbon models with an ambitious sales target, though the geographical scope appears to be more limited than that of BMW; therefore, Groupe PSA is in second place on this module, as opposed to tied first place.

Honda and Toyota tie in third place. Both companies have demonstrated active efforts to promote advanced (low-carbon) vehicles ahead of conventional ones. However, Toyota’s efforts are slightly lacking in ambition of sales growth and geographical scope (efforts were identified in one region), whilst Honda has wide geographical scope (more than 4 regions) but has failed to communicate a key performance indicator for these efforts.

Companies in fourth place in this module ranking (such as General Motors, Hyundai) are making localised (in one region) efforts to promote advanced vehicles, and have failed to make their efforts global. Companies falling in the middle of this ranking around fifth and sixth place are making some efforts to promote advanced vehicles; for example Ford and Renault have comprehensive pages on their company websites about their electric and low-carbon vehicles, but there is no link to a sales target or key performance indicator to drive the shift.

For 10 companies in the sample (BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd, Chongqing Changan Automobile Company Ltd,  Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd, FAW Car Company Limited; Geely Automobile Holdings Limited, SAIC Motor Corporation, Tata Motors, Mazda Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Subaru Corporation) no efforts to promote the sales of advanced vehicles were identified.

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