Safe in India Foundation

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Safe-in-India Foundation (SII), a section 8 company, promoted and supported by the 1991 batch of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA91), focusses on four areas (a) provide free assistance to injured workers with their health-care and insurance claims from ESIC, and their feedback and data to (b) Influence Indian auto-sector brands to prevent these accidents in their supply chains nationally for 10m+ workers, (c) influence ESIC to improve their services to all workers in Gurgaon and nationally for 35m+ worker and their families, and (d) Empower workers with knowledge of ESIC and Safety.

Since starting a Worker Support Centre in Dec16, Safe-in-India has supported more than 3,000 injured workers with their healthcare and helped them receive more than Rs 25 crore (c.USD3m) compensation from ESIC (as at Mar22).

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