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Proqualitas is a consulting and organisational training company. Its purpose is to consolidate sustainable and enriching organizational cultures for the common good. It carries out its actions through the facilitation of quality experiences in sustainable development issues; strategic development; organizational ethics, leadership, customer experience; experience work environment and change management.

In consulting and Training, Proqualitas, has about 30 years of experience working with private, public and non-profit organizations in Chile as well as in Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador and Colombia. It is a B Corp company, is part of the Gender Parity Initiative in Chile and is one of the first organizations to carry out the Balance of the Common Good. Proqualitas has supported the facilitation of projects with social impact such as the Chilean Association of Fair Trade, Chilean Association of the Economy of the Common Good, Chilean Association of Business and Organizational Ethical Culture, Double Impact (future Ethical Bank), Development of Cooperatives and Social Economy, Chilean Association of Yoga, in addition to Foundations such as the Amparo Foundation and the Cristo Vive Foundation.

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