Digital Literacy Initiative (DLI)

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Digital Literacy Initiative (DLI) is a non-for-profit organization that provides Information Communication Technology (ICT) awareness and works to ensure a safe digital space in Uganda and Africa as a whole. Their main goal is to embrace an integrated approach to skilling and empowering communities, the public and private sector, the business fraternity as well as governments and stakeholders in the uptake, utilization and application of Information and communications technology (ICT).

Their mission is to work with strategic partners to achieve goals, as well as skill the next generation of thought leaders, professionals and stakeholders in the Information and communications technology (ICT) sector through trainings, social media and digital campaigns and networking events. Their vision is to create communities, nations and an Africa that is equipped with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to thrive in their daily lives, as well as harness the power of Information and communications technology (ICT) as the ultimate equalizer for marginalized groups.

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