Wadzi is a sustainability and social investment specialist at Nous Group where she advises clients in government, financial services, mining and philanthropy on the implications of the climate transition, sustainable finance, and building collaborative initiatives. She is passionate about building coalitions and progressing ideas to solve persistent global challenges such as enabling sustainable economic development, eliminating social injustice, and enabling innovative finance models.

Prior to Nous, she founded a strategy consultancy advising businesses, governments and investors on how to achieve growth and allocate capital in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals. Wadzi has lived and worked in seven countries on four continents and her world view is shaped by the philosophy that we get better solutions we work across borders, sectors and themes. She has previously been a Vice President in private equity, and a Director at a leading pan-African education institution.

Wadzi currently serves on the board of Global Development Incubator. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and undergraduate degrees in Commerce (with honours in Finance) and Science from the University of Western Australia.

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