Victoria Márquez-Mees is the Managing Director at EBRD. Victoria has worked in development finance in the areas of governance, environment and health in North, Central and Latin America since 1996. She most recently worked at the Interamerican Development Bank Group as the head of their independent accountability mechanism, and previously served as Director for Operations and Social Investment for the Carlos Slim Health Foundation. Born in Mexico, Victoria has dedicated her professional life to building capacity of civil society organizations in the LAC region and fostering the development of local skills to achieve sustainable development. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics.

For developing countries like Mexico and others in the LAC region, the achievement of the SDG’s represents a challenge not only because of limited resources but also due to the lack of expertise and know how. WBA brings this expertise and know how as vital support to ensure they remain committed to the SDGs. I know my knowledge of the region will help WBA amplify its message amongst key regional stakeholders. Achieving the SDGs is essential for the improvement of living conditions of communities all over the world. By joining WBA and supporting their mission, enables me to continue supporting the LAC region in its pursuit of sustainable inclusive development.

Victoria Márquez-Mees Managing Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
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