Vicky is responsible for leading the Climate and Energy Benchmark to support the decarbonisation of the economy and the Energy transition. She believes in private sector contribution and responsibility by demonstrating how companies in high carbon-emitting industries are contributing to the Paris Agreement and SDG 13, with the aim to enable the required transformation to a low carbon economy.

Vicky joined on May 1st 2019 after spending the past 14.5 years working for ABN AMRO Bank and the last 7 years with ABN AMRO Clearing Bank in charge of Energy & Commodity clients. Besides this she was heading up the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy for ABN AMRO Clearing forcing industry dialogue to increase transparency to support safe and orderly capital markets. She was part of the Investor Working Group of the UN Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative and instrumental in setting up partnerships between ABN AMRO Clearing and Frontclear (a developing country capital market infrastructure builder). She has a Master degree in Financial Management and is an alumni to the Prince of Wales’ Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership.

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