Lisa is responsible for leading the exploratory work to answer the needs of companies and their stakeholders to use WBA’s methodologies beyond the 2,000 keystone companies. She believes in holistic approaches, leveraging off the work, cross sector and cross country collaboration in pursuit of a systems level transformation.

Lisa joined in May 2022 after 2.5 years working as a business developer for the ACT – Assessing low-Carbon Transition Initiative at ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition. Before this she was a consultant and operations and communication director at Beyond Green for 6 years, supporting SMEs across different sectors with resource efficiency measures, managing, coordinating and delivering community projects in Scotland and supporting businesses with ISO14001 and 50001 standards certifications. Together with the team, they secured an Innovate UK grant of 160K€ for Fintech innovation. She has a Master degree in Energy, Water and Waste Sustainable Management and a diploma equivalent to a honours university degree in Agronomy and Economics.

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