Josien is a macro economist and has worked in banking and asset management. She was a founding supervisory board member of WBA and helped grow GRESB, the global sustainability benchmark for real assets in Europe. She co-founded of the Universal Basic Income (UBI) Lab Den Haag. She is a partner at Haven Green Capital Partners working with asset owners on navigating the rapidly changing investment landscape and advising investment firms focused on sustainability and impact investing.

She believes that the transformation towards a just and sustainable future is technically and financially feasible but that an outdated worldview is holding us back.

Sustainability benchmarking is an effective way to change corporate behavior in response to the collective problems of inequality and ecological degradation. It is an important communication tool, gathering companies, financiers, clients, governments and NGO’s around a common understanding of the required steps to take.

Like prehistoric people gathering around a fire to reflect and make plans, so the corporate and financial communities are rallying around objective and transparent benchmarking to drive the change process towards a more just and sustainable world, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

With data technology and transparency as an essential enabler, it will still be the very human need to do the right thing and to be seen to be doing the right thing, that will transform our society.

WBA’s corporate benchmarks guide the strategic direction of the corporate sector in line with the SDG’s, holding companies accountable and enabling them to navigate these transitional times with intelligence and integrity.

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